Not dogs......... IN BLANKETS!!!!!

This is a quick and easy crowd pleaser.... well ok if your target audience are kids!!!! Actually this is one of Addison' specialties! This is a meal that I always have on tap, because she can put this together in about 10 minutes and they cook in only about 15 minutes. She made these one night last week when she had early basketball practice and I came home a bit late.
I usually try to make the kids eat healthy meals, but they are kids and I think that a 100% processed meal once in a while is ok, moderation is the key right?!?!?!?!
They have never really eaten fast foods, and for the most part our food is cooked from scratch, they don't eat school lunches, and they are both a bit skinny, so it's OK RIGHT!?!?!? I am very proud of the fact that Carter still thinks that McDonald's is called Old MacDonalds, and that he has never had a Happy Meal!!!!!
All you need are vegan Not-Dogs(tofu pups), crescent rolls(reduced fat), and Follow your Heart Cheddar. Of course the frozen fries and onion rings help!!!! Plan on a walk afterwards to work off the calories, or you could substitute a salad for the fries and rings, naw!!!!

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