Valentines dinner... theres no place like home(yeah it took a month to post)

One of the challenges with living in a smallish midwestern town is the lack of "nice" restaurants in general, but we have at least one vegan friendly upscale place in town. It is called the Scarlet Orchid and has interesting food and very good service, and is very vegan friendly although it is not a vegan restaurant. But to be honest I would not be caught dead in a restaurant on Valentines. I worked in restaurants for too long and holidays in restaurants stress me out. I used to laugh at the dumb dopes who were trying to impress their dates!!!!
So we always cook a nice meal at home. This year Nikki and I cooked together and made Chic Pea Patties from the V-con, mashed potatoes and gravy, and seared collard greens. We have made this several times and it has become a family favorite. It takes slightly more time than a regular meal but what nice is that Nikki and I have gotten good at doing this meal as team!!!! I really love it when we are synchronized, it's like a dance!!! We had a good bottle of red wine, and shared cards, and ate chocolate. It was an awesome family evening!!!!
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