Boca Nuggets cauliflower cheese sauce

This is a basic meal that really hit the spot. I really like Boca Nuggets, they have good texture, they are kind of greasy and they cook in about ten minutes in the toaster oven. The kids like them too, in fact Carter was the one who renamed them from "chic'n nuggets" to "soy nuggets" since they have no "chic'n" in them. We are excited that Boca is removing eggs from their formulations by the end of the year, this means there will be even more mainstream vegan products.
Carter is five but he has a genuine understanding and empathy for why we have chosen to become vegan. Now he has only been vegan for three of his five... going on six years. Before that he was vegetarian and ate quite a bit of cheese, but he understands the issues with dairy production. It has taken him a long time to warm up to vegan cheese, but he has started begging for my vegan mac n cheese, this makes me happy!!!!!
The steamed cauliflower is topped with left over cheese sauce from Mac n Cheese the night before. For a starch we had instance brown rice, all of the nutrition in 7.5 minutes!!!!
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