FREE Vegan BBQ for Earth Day 2009!!!!

This the the second annual Animal Outreach of Kansas booth at the Earth Day event in Lawrence Kansas. This event used to be held as a Meat Out event, but last year we got rained out and did the Vegan BBQ as part of Earth Day. The weather this year was a bit sketchy but did not hamper our spirits!!!!!
We served between 500 and 600 people!!!! The line was long, but we had a chance to answer questions about veganism, animal issues, and why food choices not only impact the lives of animals, but are directly tied to the environment calamities that we face on our planet.

This event is an extension of the vegan potluck group we belong to. The potluck members brought side dishes and and helped serve food. This was yet another affirming activity that may have opened some eyes, illustrated that vegan food is not weird or yucky!!!!
We served, vegan burgers, vegan brats, vegan not dogs, BBQ tofu. Potato salads, cole slaws, chic pea no-tuna salad, macaroni salad, and vegan cookies.

Thanks to all of the organizers!!!

Thanks to all of the people who brought huge side dishes!!!!

Thanks to those who worked the grills!!!!

Thanks to the donors that provided funds to support this event!!!!

Thanks to the companies that provided food products!!!

  • Follow Your Heart
  • Central Soy Tofu
  • Turtle Island Tofurkey
  • Parma
  • The Merc
  • Wheatfields
  • Lumen Soy Foods
But most of all thank you to those who joined us for lunch, listened to our message, and hopefully will consider that by eating a vegan meal with us you made tangible difference! GO VEG!!!!

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