Vegan Ginger Cleanse Stir Fry

There are always winners and losers, this one looks ok in the photos, but I pulled a rookie mistake. Fresh ginger goes a long way!!!!
Addison had a friend over for a slumber party and I decided to make noodles and tofu. A simple, easy, crowd pleaser!!!
I made a marinade with fresh ginger, garlic, salt and some oil. When I peeled the ginger I prepped about twice what I needed so I thought what the heck more is better, right....... Wrong!!!!
Well I went ahead and cooked the tofu, no problem. Then I cooked the broccoli and carrots, which I should have cut into strips. I took the remaining marinade and added corn starch to thicken. The problem became apparent when I poured the liquid in the pan and my eyes started to burn a bit!!!! That was the point that I realized I had gone too far with the ginger.
I added more liquid in an attempt to spread the flavor out but it was pretty strong.
I apologized to everyone for the strength of the sauce, everyone was polite and ate up their dinner. I am sure that the quantity of ginger did a good job of cleaning us through and through!!!
I used to make this mistake all of the time, over spicing, but with kids I have learned more restraint, which in many ways has made me a better cook.

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