Very Awesome Vegan Easter Brunch

Easter has always been a holiday of conflicts for our family. Should we go to church, what is the meaning of Easter, how do we reconcile this with our other beliefs??? I could go on and on, but there are others who can better articulate the conflicts. I know how to cook and I hope that I can show anyone who is willing to try, to try at least a few vegetarian meals and possibly a few vegan ones too!!!! Believe it or not small incremental changes can make a huge difference, in your life and the lives of animals!!!
The meal we prepared this Easter was yet another example of how with a few modifications we had a very nice meal and no one got hurt. There was plenty to eat and we were all quite full when it was all over.
Here's what we had:
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins
Apple Cinnamon Walnut Muffins
Bread Pudding with Almond Milk
Biscuits with Gimme Lean Sausage Gravy
Sweet Potato Hash Browns
Patsie did all of the sweets and I did the savories. Carter and Addison painted the decorations for the table, Nikki did the table set up and mimosas. Nikki and David managed the thundering herd of dogs, cats and rabbits.
I remember the first few holidays after becoming vegan I was not happy with our new traditions, I missed the old ways. Now I am more focused and secure, we are not missing out, we are not being hypocritical, we are not being judgmental, we ARE enjoying the bounty of this world with the freedom of clearer conscience. With great joy, we practice what we preach!

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jenny said...

That looks awesome!

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