2nd 21st Birthday BBQ, Thanks Nikki!!!!!

I am a lucky man to have such an awesome and wonderful wife!!!! She orchestrated this lunch and made a cake too!
She made BBQ seitan, from Jason Wyrick, the Vegan Culinary Experience, which was served on ciabatta rolls. She made cole slaw and baked beans. My mother in-law brought the potato salad. We had beers too!!! We ate too much, which made it real easy to not do much the rest of the day.
The cake recipe was from Sinfully Vegan and was very good. It was a dense cake, that would make a great base for cake donuts!!!! We had Tofutti vanilla, and Tofutti almond bark ice cream.
My big present was a new food processor!!! I will be slicing and dicing some new stuff here in the near future!!!!

I wanted to share the photo below, because there is a woman that Nikki has become friends with that is a big supporter of animal rights causes that has taken an interest in our kids. She send nice notes and little gifts, with positive animal messages, once in a while. She sent the book that Carter is holding for Easter. What a sweet story, I highly recommend it "Buddy Unchained", by Daisy Bix and Joe Hyatt.

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