A Day in Akumal

Ok this string out the blog posts from vacation is just taking way too long....... SORRY!!!!
I will try to move this along!!!!
We went to Akumal, it was a beautiful day.
We ate at Lol Ha, the burritos were very good, we snorkeled and swam with the turtles.
  • Nikki is beautiful.
  • Carter loves cats.
  • Addison is beautiful.
  • The plate of guacamole was huge and tasty.
Wait.... Akumal is one my favorite places ever, many good memories there. It is such a nice mix of beautiful beach, bay, just enough people, and calm warm water, and very nice coral. Addison and I swam out in the bay and swam with the sea turtles. Carter got to snorkel out and see the cannons on the bottom of the bay. This year we just went for a day, it was really nice and familiar, someday we will stay there for our whole trip!!!!
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