Day on Tulum beach

Nikki and I went to Mexico a few years ago and one day we took a taxi from Akumal to Tulum to spend a day on the beach. Nikki had researched the whole stretch of beach and came up with a list of must visit areas and restaurants. We got out of the taxi at the north end of the beach and started walking south. We stopped for breakfast at Mezzanine (toast and jelly, mango smoothies, coffee), and hiked, and hiked some more, then we stopped for something to drink (at Cabanas Copal, which is apparently frequented by those who enjoy naked frolicking :O), then we hiked and hiked and then we stopped for lunch at Zamas Que Fresca. I enjoyed having the adventure with Nikki, and it was fun to revisit the area.
Well this year when we moved to the villa we decided to spend a day further exploring Tulum beach, with the rental car we could cover some of the highlights of our previous visit, with out making the kids hike too far.
After checking out a couple of menus, including the vegetarian one at Maya Tulum, we settled once again on Zamas Que Fresca. Nikki and I shared an entree, it was rice, beans, fresh salsa, squash, and avocado. Everything was fresh and outstanding. The kids shared an order of chalupas, they were so good that we had to place another order. This inspired me to make gorditas the next evening for dinner.
The next picture is from the menu at La Zebra Tulum on the beach. We had stopped here to take a late afternoon swim in the ocean. The waves were pretty rough, but Tulum is probably one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world, and you just have to get in.
I am constantly amazed that there are more and more places and people that know what vegan means. I am constantly seeing glimmers of hope and understanding, and I hope that more people are moving towards veganism.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for documenting your journey! We will be there next weekend and will frequent the recommended restaurants.


SHIFTvegan said...

Enjoy your trip!!
We were looking at our Mexico trip pictures last night what an amazing place!

evZENy said...

One correction - Maya Tulum is not a vegetarian restaurant. Pescaterian at best. Has been and is at least since 2004.

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