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I have to admit that I do not share the kitchen enough!!! I am usually in too much of a hurry and with my cooking background I know quite a few short cuts.
My 13 year old daughter is very interested in cooking and has begun preparing her own lunches and occasionally cooking dinner for herself and her little brother.
This was one of her efforts one night when I had to work late... I think she is going to be a food stylist some day!!!
She did not really push any culinary envelopes with the Bocas, but she is starting to develop a taste for spicier foods so she has been doing some basic experimentation with Asian Noodles with basic sauces. She is starting to learn basic cooking technique, which she picks up quickly and excels rapidly. I think she enjoys the scientific side of mixing flavors and textures.
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vegan.in.brighton said...

It's great your daughter's learning to cook already. My parents never let me in the kitchen at all as a kid and consequently I had to learn everything when I moved out!

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