Breakfast + Sunshine + Kids at Grandma's House = Happiness

What a dreary winter we have had so far.... I like some snow, but no sun for a few weeks was a bit much. Woke up this fine Sunday morning with birds chirping, squirrels working, and the sun shining--time to make coffee and a savory hot breakfast... life is good... again!!!
Back in the days before having children and becoming vegan one of our favorite things to do on weekends was to sleep late (after a night on the town) then go to one of the many fantastic breakfast places in Denver.

Well the kids stayed overnight with Grandma last night and we went out on the town.  We sat at a bar (something we have not done in years) and had drinks and sushi!!!  It was really fun!
Then we slept in, really late, and got up to enjoy the silence of our house and have a nice breakfast.  We would have gone out to breakfast if there was anywhere that served a vegan breakfast locally, but there is not.
Besides I would say that I do pretty well in breakfast department.
Here's what we had:
  • Oven Hash Browns
  • Sauteed White Onion and Green Peppers
  • Scrambled Tofu with Pecans
  • Daiya Cheeze sprinkled on top
  • Toast and grape jelly
  • Coffee
The addition of pecans to the scrambled tofu is new; it added a nice texture and a subtle sweetness.
Now we are going to read the Sunday Paper and enjoy the silence!!!
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yasmin said...

Sounds (and looks) yum.

The Paris Food Blague said...

looks delicious! i'm really enjoying your site.
-The Paris Food Blague

SHIFTvegan said...

Paris... I did leave a comment on food buzz:)

Debra said...

looks yummy!
Debra @ Vegan Family Style

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