Corn Bread Raft Afloat in Sea of Discontent

This is Nikki, reporting in on the cornbread raft incident. This meal happened on a Friday night that came at the end of a long week--one that I spent part of in Los Angeles, dodging waves of El Ninos (Los Ninos??) and that Andre spent picking up the proverbial slack around here. I was in L.A. training a new staff member, and she was so kind as to feed me lunch one day while we were working together. She made me a cornbread casserole--veggie chili on the bottom with a layer of green chili cornbread on top. It was really delicious! Thanks Riva!

Back on the home front after my return, patience and good humor was waning by the time the Friday dinner hour approached. So I decided to give Riva's casserole a try, but I didn't have the recipe. I winged it (wanged it? wung it?). I did a casserole dish with pretty basic chili ingredients on the bottom (black beans, chili beans, crumbles, red enchilada sauce, seasonings). I mixed up a batch of cornbread from the side of the corn meal container, subbing in egg replacer. I plopped the cornbread batter on top, intending to spread it out neatly as I observed Riva doing, but there was not enough to cover the chili. Thus the raft. Oh well, there was no turning back at that point. Into the oven it went at 350 for about 30 minutes.

It turned out pretty good--a pretty loose interpretation of Riva's and not nearly as awesome, but definitely tasty!

I served it up with Daiya, red salsa, salsa verde, jalapenos, and a couple of stiff cocktails. It was all good.

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