Easy root veggies & some kids are mean!!!!

Getting ready to put yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower in the oven to roast. 375 for about 45 minutes should do the trick. They were coated with about a tablespoon of veg oil, salt, pepper, and organic garlic powder. They will be accompanied by Boca chic patties. Simple dinner for a cold evening. Would make soup, but Carter refuses to eat soup. Let's not even talk about polenta.
Addison came home upset today because some jerk threw lunch meat at her today. I am non violent for the most part, but I had thoughts that were not nice. I tried to reassure her, but what can you really say.... I am sad that there are so many people that do not get what there lunch choices inflict on others!!!!! Then she told me that she was quoted in the local paper for green tips for kids.... she very intelligently explained the environmental benefits of living as a vegan. She and her brother will change the world!!!!!!!!!

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