Mac-n-Cheese, or Mac-N-No-Cheese

This is the turning point dish that made life much more normal again!!! I really missed cheese after becoming vegan, had to avoid the cheese section in the store, it made me have crazy thoughts. We tried almost all of the faux cheeses, and have found a few that are good, but this sauce is awesome, it does not have nutritional yeast which is like kryptonite to the kids!!!!!
MAC-N-CHEESE, a staple of a kids diet!!!!! A guilty pleasure that even adults indulge, relish, crave, ok.... I am going over board!!!!
This recipe originated with a "veganize-it" recipe in Vegnews, by Allison Rivers Samson. I have streamlined it a bit to suit my time realities, so that I can make Mac-N-Cheese as quick as "kraft" only with less fat, better nutrition, and no guilt!!!! I would put this up against Stouffers mac-n-cheese(my childhood favorite) or the kind at a cafeteria made with velveeta.
This cheese base recipe has morphed into other guilt-free faves at the local vegan monthly potluck, Mac-N-No-Cheese, Not-Yo-Cheese, and Don't-Be-Alfredo.

Here's how easy it is:
  • Water from a can of new potatoes + 1/2 onion + handful of baby carrots + 1 tooth of garlic, microwaved til soft
  • Put the following in Vita Mix - Can of new potatoes (yes lazy but fast), handfull of raw cashews, 1/2 buttery stick, teaspoon, papricka + salt + teaspoon mustard sweat(yeah it is just the water that rises to the top, too much mustard and the kids won't touch it), add the softened veggies from the microwave. Blend till it is cheese sauce, and add to a pound of your KIDS favorite shape of pasta, mine like the big shells.
Make them eat a salad with it!!!!!! Finish the salad and you can have more mac-n-cheese, you know how it works!!!
I sometimes double the recipe and put the extra in the fridge, I will add a can of rotel and some mexican spices for Not-Yo-Cheese sauce, which is good on tacos, nachos, enchiladas, or a spoon. I also nix the carrots and paprika, add white wine and extra garlic for Don't-Be-Alfredo sauce.

Yeah!!!!!!!!! He ate all of his salad!!!!!!
There was a chocolate chip cookie bribe!!!!!
Thanks, Nikki!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Am I missing something in my illness induced haze, or is that a nutritional yeast free cheese sauce?

shiftmodern said...

That's right no nutritional yeast, my wife and I are OK with the yeast, but to the kids it's like kryptonite!!!

laurenolivia said...

Wow! I made this tonight, and it is perfect kid food and delicious and easy. My son is only 2 weeks old but I am starting now to amass kid friendly recipes. Thank you for sharing this, I've been trying vegan mac&cheez recipes for a while now but nothing comes close to the creamy goodness this does.

shiftmodern said...

My son has been vegetarian his whole life, and vegan for 2.75 years. He is healthy, happy, and the model of compassion. If I can help with anything let me know!!!
Good luck!!!

Allison Rivers Samson said...

Love seeing your creative takes on my recipe; thanks for sharing! I'm especially thrilled that your kids are enjoying it. If you haven't already seen this, here are more of my "Veganize It!" recipes: Happy Cooking!

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