Vegan Nachos (Not Yo's)!

We love Mexican food!!! We love Mexico!!!! We love Mexicans!!!! Swine flu be damned!!!!
Nachos are an easy meal to whip together in a flash and it is generally well received by the little people!!
These nachos have Follow Your Heart cheddar, Follow Your Heart jack, black beans, Boca Crumbles, onion, green peppers, jalapenos and Tofutti Sour Supreme.
I layer every thing up and cook at 450 until the chips start to brown, then I broil for a minute or so until cheese bubbles!!!!

The rice is simple instant brown rice, with green chili enchilada sauce on top!!! This meal took about 15 minutes to prepare and was on the table 25 minutes after starting.
I try to follow as many other vegan food blogs and blogs about the challenges of being vegan. There are so many people who beat themselves up for not doing enough with activism and I like to encourage those people to reach out and share the joys of veganism with others and to share your story of compassion choices.
Just keep in mind that your compassionate choices make a difference. And even if your voice is not real loud it makes a difference for those with no voice at all. Leading one person to understand why you choose to be vegan is helping open the door for others to make the SHIFT. I tell my kids when they are given grief about being vegan to hold their heads high in the knowledge that they can go to bed each night with a clear conscience knowing that they make deliberate choices with the intent to do no harm to animals!!!!
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Laura said...

That's sad your kids get given grief about veganism, people are so afraid of anything that differs from the norm, send them to school with some vegan cupcakes.. I'm sure they'll all change their minds quickly enough!

SHIFTvegan said...

I want to clarify... that surprisingly they do not get teased often. In fact they are probably some of the best communicators of the vegan message!!!! They often share their perspectives with teachers and staff at school, who are amazingly supportive!!!

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