Cherry Pudding Pie.... Or Parfait?!?!?!?!

I am not generally a dessert person... don't get me wrong.... you put a dessert in my path and its seconds are numbered!!!!
I just don't have the vision to plan both main courses and desserts too far in advance, thus there is always a lurch after dinner when every one wants a treat and I have not purchased anything at the store!!!! So the treat usually ends up being a hand full of chocolate chips!!!
But I did buy cherry pie filling a few weeks ago figuring we would get around to some dessert that could utilize them.
We also had vanilla Mori Nu pudding mix and tofu-in-a-box, Nikki headed to the store and picked up a prepared graham cracker crust, and came home and mixed up the pudding and placed it in the crust.
The Mori Nu pudding called for firm tofu, but all we had was soft, so it did not really set up right. It was a bit runny... that is why there are no pictures of the whole pie.
I scooped the "pie" portion in the bowls and layered with cherry pie filling, yeah the stuff from the can, honestly I could eat that stuff right out of the can with a spoon!!!! The pudding did not set, but it tasted and very much resembled melted ice cream. It was really tasty and other than the extra store trip, was pretty quick.
  • 1 Graham Cracker pie Crust (or just layer with crushed graham crackers)
  • 1 package of Mori Nu vanilla pudding
  • 1 cube of Mori Nu FIRM tofu
  • 1 Can of cherry pie filling
  • Mix up the pudding place in crust, refrigerate till firm and top with cherries.
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