Run For the Better!!!

This week was crazy so on Friday night instead of cooking we decided to make a run for the border.
This is a tostada, fresco style, which means it does not have cheese and they add pico de gallo.

We made up some Morningstar Crumbles taco style, we had cheese sauce, Tofutti sour cream, and jalapenos.

This is a seven layer burrito minus the cheese and sour cream. Once home it was veganized!!!!!

These are the 3 layer nachos minus the cheese sauce then was veganized when we got home.

It always seems like going to get take out will be easier but by the time we go get it, and veganize, we probably do not save much time, but it is nice to have something that seems trashy!!!!!

I wish that there was a good local Mexican restaurant that had vegan options, but the pickin's are slim.

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