Another Night at the Taco Stand!!!!!

You might assume that these are small tacos because there are three of them in one pan, but you would be wrong!!!! This pan is a major player in many of our meals, it is a commercial Volrath 20 inch non-stick saute pan. I used to use my wok for most meals, but it did not work well for things like tacos that prefer a grill, unlike a grill it has sides that keep splatters down and makes clean up a snap.
Things are hectic again this week,
I have started a new bathroom remodel, evening school activities, and the day to day busy life we lead.
Tacos are always a quick and easy meal, and usually ready in 20 minutes which is very handy when Addison has 6:00 basketball practice. I have a feeling that you may be seeing a few taco nights in the coming weeks, and some more chili nights. Although taco are surprisingly simple yet there are so many ways to make them, each time can be different.
These were very basic:
  • Flour Tortillas
  • Vegetarian refried beans
  • Veggie Crumbles with taco seasoning
  • Follow your Heart Cheddar
Heat those in the big pan
Top with:
Lettuce, tomatoes, left over Aji of Campana(fresh salsa), Tofutti Sour Cream, and Wholly Guacamole(there was a big clearance sale at the store last week end, $.79 per pack, I bought too many!!!!)
Many times when we have tacos that is the whole meal, since it has all of the different elements of a complete meal I usually do not make sides. Also it is easy to adjust the toppings so that everyone gets what they want.
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