Mac N No Cheese

I love spring.... watching as the first green shoots fight their way out of brown earth, then the explosion of flowering trees and shrubs, then finally the electric light green of the new leaves on the trees.
This year there signs of a new kind of spring that heralds a shift to growth in the understanding of importance of choosing foods mindfully. There is growing momentum in the press(LA Times supporting the importance of eating vegetables(organic and local being the best choices) and radically decreasing the the consumption of animal products(there is a common call for humanely raised animal products, which I do not agree with). But even though I do not totally agree with all of the elements of the shifts being proposed I am encouraged that reinforcement of the benefits of a plant based diet and the concept of moderation will have some positive effect in the lives of animals, but to be honest factory farms will not go away. I am also hopeful that people are finally understanding that a plant based diet can have enormous benefits to their health.
I have a very diverse group of people visiting this blog, some veteran vegans, some foodie vegans, people interested in their health, some just curious, and those that are considering the SHIFT to veganism and looking for ideas. I am glad to have all of you here!!!!
My goal with this blog is to show as many vegan meals as I can so that people understand that moderation is a start, and that it is possible to vegan, eat well, be healthy, balance family life, and that once you learn a few basic meals it is pretty easy.
I am going to start working on posting weekly menus, and talking about food cost. I am fairly frugal and will share some product reviews and suggestions. There are many new vegan friendly products coming to market in the coming year!
Oh.... I forgot to talk about the meal displayed, this is simply Mac N No Cheese (click for recipe), and Boca Nuggets. Right now the only place I can find vegan Boca Chic'n Nuggets is at Target, but by the end of the year they are reformulating all of their products to be meatless so it will be easier to find them.
Eat with thought, eat with passion, eat with purpose!!!!


thenguyens said...

Great Blog! I'm a friend of Cathy's and found your blog through her facebook page. Keep u the great work! I'll be checking back for recipe ideas.

thenguyens said...

Great blog! I am a good friend of Cathy's and found you through her facebook page. Keep up the great work! I'll be checking back for dinner ideas.

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