CSA Salad #2, Wasabi No Oil Dressing

Get used to it!!!!!
This is going to be something you will see many times of the course of the next few months. I will go and pick up the Rolling Prairie CSA produce on Monday's and we will have a big salad!! But these salads are local, organic and fresh picked!!!! I will be adding new dressings and toppings as we move along.
Local items: baby spring greens, with extra arugula, spinach, shitake mushrooms.
From the store: red pepper, green pepper, white onion, garbanzo beans.

I decided to do a light dressing to complement the wonderful greens, so I took a teaspoon of wasabi and mixed with a tablespoon of soy sauce, a half teaspoon of powdered ginger, and a quarter cup of water. I just mixed the ingredients until well combined. The dressing had just enough bite to stand up to the nuttiness of the arugula, but it did not overpower the rest of the salad.
I really like to make my own dressings, they really can take a boring salad and take it to surprising places! I made a sweet style choke cherry dressing once that was pretty and exciting. Let me know if you have any exciting dressing ideas to try!!!!!
The salads were topped with a Boca Chik'n Pattie, lazy but tasty!!!!
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Mary said...

Homemade dressings really do make the difference. I like a tablespoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil plus a little salt and pepper. It couldn't be simpler, and it lets the veggies shine through!

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