Time to go home!!!!

Our trip was super awesome, but all good things have to end. On our last day we had time for one more stop on our way to the airport.
We started driving towards the airport with the intent of stopping at Puerto Morelos for a quick look around and a bite to eat. We did such a good job of getting things together that we were able to dart into Aventuras Akumal run down to the beach real quickly and look around.
We had never been to Aventuras Akumal and it was pretty but a bit crowded for our tastes.
We loaded back up and hauled arse for Puerto Morelos, it was so nice having the rental car. So much more freedom to wander and see things off the beaten path. Puerto Morelos looked like a nice place, a bit crowded, but a nice place for a day trip.
We found a place to park and walked down by the board walk and found a cafe to have a little snack before going to the airport.
We got some things to share, rice and plantains, chips and salsa, and guacamole. The kids ordered their last orange sodas. We had plenty of time to sit and enjoy the calm bay and talk about how much fun we had on our trip.
After our lunch snack, we headed to drop the rental car off at easy way. We were running a few minutes early which was a good thing because we had a hard time finding the rental place.
We finally made to the airport and after a bunch delays we made it home six hours later than scheduled.
Tired, tan, ten pounds heavier, and a great time had by all!!!! Thank you Nikki!!!!

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