Glad to be home, but we have to eat...

We were away for a few days but the pantry at Casa Bollaert is always stocked!!!!! When I shop I tend to go overboard with the staples, but it is nice when you have been gone to open the cupboards and find the base for another meal.
After a quick scan of the available supplies I decided to make scrambled tofu. Here's what we had:
Central Soy Organic Nigari Tofu
Canned corn
Can of original Rotel
Instant brown rice
This meal took about 20 minutes start to finish
Carter had plain scrambled tofu and rice with a little teriyaki
Ours had garlic powder, onion powder, salt, lowrys seasoned salt, pepper, and a bit of EVO.
I usually do not mix tomato and tofu, it can get slimy, but since I added the Rotel at the end the tofu was ok.
It was hot, simple, and it tasted pretty darn good.

In the picture below is our scrambled tofu in my #1 favorite pan, it is a 18" volrath commercial non stick heavy gauge aluminum pan. What I like about it is I can cook a whole meal for the family in it. It is big... big... BIG... which makes it very versatile and clean up is a bit easier.
The big pan love comes from my days as a chef, it reminds me of a griddle... I love griddles!!!!

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