On the road again, again......

Yesterday we made the 8.5 hour trek back from Denver. Of course we had to eat.... We were planning ahead since our bag of "car snacks" was almost completely empty besides graham crackers. We brought a block of Follow Your Heart - Cheddar and we had left over chick pea patties (V-CON recipe). Nikki had already had the vision to add the cheese and chickpea patties to Subway sandwiches.
It is always funny how people in the middle of nowhere look at you when you request the old $5 foot long with no meat, no cheese, no mayo. Then to top that off we ordered Carter a just bread, it took the cash register woman a few minutes to consult with the manager to decide what to charge for just bread. The irony is that they charged us for a side of "bacon", which is $1.
We took our sandwiches with bread, extra tomatoes - pickles, olives, lettuce, cucumbers, and oil/vinegar/salt/pepper to the car and added the chick pea patties and Follow Your Heart cheddar. The bread was toasted and the sandwiches were very tasty!!!! We also had chips.
Carter had his plain bread with chickpea patties.... a simple decent lunch.
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