So Many Blessings!!!

To start the day Addison and I made cinnamon rolls, her idea. To keep it simple we start with reduced fat crescent roll dough, and fill with brown sugar and cinnamon. They bake for 15 min, topped with mixture of brown sugar, powdered sugar, vanilla, buttery stick, and silk creamer. heat the mixture until it bubbles, pour on top of rolls. Easy, kid friendly, delicious, and vegan.

We had a late afternoon dinner:
Chick pea Cutlets, the kids favorite (from V-CON)
Mashed tatos
Green Beans
Corn, black bean and tomato salad
Apple crisp for desert
That was a few hours ago and I am just now able to type!!!
Today was another fantastic holiday with family that enjoys our new(2 year old) traditions!!!! Every one pitches in and we all eat well. I am really happy when we are able to host or cook a complete holiday meal. I feel as though maybe there will be a time when vegan celebrations will be more common and as a cumulative will have an impact on big pictures.
A couple of store note NEW ITEMS found in Denver:
Follow your Heart cream cheese and sour cream.... sorry I still prefer Tofutti
Saw the Morningstar Farms VEGAN labeling for the first time, on the chic strips and a vegan burger, priced at $8.97 YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! On sale for $4.39 though. Their pricing is not going to help sales. Seitan is too easy to make!!
Cannot talk about food anymore I have eaten too much!!!!!

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