The best Christmas Eve

It is a tradition in Nikki's family to have Mexican food for Christmas Eve. Nikki suggested fajitas which were a good mix for the the number of people we were cooking for and the limits of Patti's kitchen. By the way one of my favorite things is the challenge of cooking in someone else's kitchen.
Here's the line up:
Broiled, peppers(green, poblano, anaheim)+onions
Morningstar Farms chic'n strips(in the new package)
Pinto Beans
Steamed rice
Not Yo Cheese (An evolving recipe that can take velveeta dip to task)
Follow your Heart sour cream

There were nine of us together for dinner, 4 confirmed vegans, 3 working vegans, and two teenage non vegans(my nephews). One of my nephews is in a food service training program and it was really fun talking about the "business" with him. The Not Yo Cheese has become one of the key items I use to share that vegan food can be just as good as its evil counterpart. Everyone ate hearty portions, especially the boys. This makes me very happy!!!!!
Making the Not Yo Cheese without the VitaMix was challenging.... Patti's blender produced enough ozone to sanitize the whole house!!!!! I really think that the VitaMix is one of the best cooking tools I have ever owned... thank you Nikki.

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