Yeah we eat at Taco Bell too!!!!!

We do not eat out that often, and when we do it is rarely fast food. We usually try to support local establishments that are vegan friendly... And surprisingly there are quite a few places around us.

Yup.... that's a tostada, Fresco Style (THE NO CHEESE ADD PICO DE GALO), we add the vegan cheese and sour cream at home

The Three Layer Nachos, minus the cheese, add the vegan cheese at home.
We also get the 7 layer burrito, minus the cheese and sour cream, add the vegan replacements at home. We get Taco Bell every once in a while, it's not a habit.... REALLY!!!!

Carter gets to old Bean burrito, hold the onions, sauce and cheese. He likes the rice, so he adds it to his burrito.

We have been to Taco Bell about ten times in the last year, and they are generally cool about the special requests and we have only had one time when a burrito was polluted with cheese.

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