On the road....

We are in Denver for Christmas, and are staying with Nikki's sister who has chosen veganism in the past year. Last night we had bagel pizzas, cheddar follow your heart, with a variety of veggies so everyone could make theirs the way they wanted. An easy meal that was quite tasty.... Thanks Patti.

Carter even got his favorite kind of pizza, sauce solamente!!!!! He is starting to like follow your heart cheese and he will eat it in mac n cheese.

The car trip was the usual...
Many crackers,
snack mix,
Clif bars,
Fruit leather,
Follow your heart mozzarella
and yes we stopped for fries at McDonalds...... Carter is still believes that the only thing they have to eat a McD's are fries and hash browns.
The 8 hour drive went well, the weather was fine, and the company was fantastic!!!!

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