Yes it is a Boca Burger...

There are times when dinner is not the primary focus of our day so we always have a few basic items that are universally enjoyed. Boca Burgers and Boca Chic Patties do reside in our freezer.
I would like to claim that I peeled organic Yukon Gold potatoes and fried them in cold pressed high in omega 3 oil blend, but that would be a lie and would defeat the purpose of a quick and easy dinner. Yes sir those are Ore-Ida Fast Food Style Crispy fries, devoid of all nutritional value! The bread is from grocery store bakery, decent sour dough, we had some Follow Your Heart Cheddar, and Vegenaise.
This is a classic two cookie sheet meal, put burgers and fries on parchment paper on cookie sheets, cook at 400 degrees for about 17 minutes. Clean up is a snap!!
For years we were big supporters of Boca and Morningstar Farms "Vegetarian" meat substitues, but have not eaten them as much since becoming vegan. I am constantly disappointed to see the number of products made by Boca and Morningstar that are not vegan. Morningstar is doing a better job of labeling their vegan products, which is great but I wish that they would make the "corn dogs" vegan, Carter would really like them. Speaking of Carter he does not refer to substitutes by what they are mocking. He calls Boca Chic'n Nuggets- Soy Nuggets/Patties, because he will tell you there are no Chickens in the nuggets he eats.
I have also started being very leery of Light Life products after finding eggs listed on some of their new offerings.

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