Curried Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

Nikki has been wanting to make butternut squash soup for a while, and I have to admit it has not totally on board. I am not a big squash fan, but I find that when we do make some kind of squash I like it. We worked on the soup together... one of the best things in the world, slicing and dicing at Nikki's direction!!!
This started out to be a PCRM Butternut Squash Soup, but evolved to be a combination of that recipe and the Curried Sweet Potato Soup. The final product was truly spectacular!!! We went a bit over board with ginger, which complimented the sweetness of the squash and sweet potato, but also made it spicy. I topped it with a dab of Tofutti sour cream, and black pepper.
Fortunately there was enough leftover to have some the next day.
The kids did not like this one too much, Carter had a peanut butter sandwich and Addison ate some of the soup, not her favorite.

PCRM Soup Recipes
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