Taco Night Quick Style

Did a crazy thing, went to the store on a Friday night! Had a list and got the shopping done in 45 minutes, basically ran through the store throwing things in the cart, but we were out of food. I usually go on Saturdays and the whole process takes an hour and a half.
I was hungry going in so I probably got more stuff than we needed, so hopefully we will have some exciting posts this week!!!!
We got home around 5:30, put the groceries away, Thanks Nikki and Addison. I was thinking tacos, fajita style... cut up half and onion, a green pepper, and put some Morningstar Farms Chic'n strips, placed in a roasting pan with a touch of oil, salt, cumin, onion powder, and garlic powder. Placed under the broiler until browned about 10 minutes.
Made instant brown rice, added Taco Bell hot sauce, yeah that's right the little packets, what can I say it makes good spanish rice.
Warmed up flour tortillas in the big pan, with Follow Your Heart Jack Cheese, and pinto beans. Added jalapenos, green onions, Toffuti sour cream, rice, and some rotel.
The tacos were good and fast!!!!!! I ate a couple too many though.
Avocados were on sale at the store but they were not ripe yet so I will be adding them so something later in the week.

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