Vegan Dogs Are Freaky!!!

A year after our family made the SHIFT vegan we decided that it was time to switch our dog to a vegan food. Even before becoming vegan the smell of dog food made my stomach turn, greasy nasty - stinky!!!!
We did all of the research to make sure that we were not putting Tucker in any jeopardy, and whether he would need supplements. We decide to give Natures Recipe a try because we could get it at Petco, locally. It was really nice making the switch because the dog food actually smells good, and I often joke that it would work well in a snack mix!!!

After Tucker's SHIFT vegan he began to start begging for some surprising things, carrots, lettuce, potato peels, basically anything besides citrus. He likes to stand in the kitchen and drool as we are chopping ingredients for our dinner. Turn up the sound, that is him groaning!!! I always used to assume that dogs begged for the non vegan stuff, but now know that they just like to beg for whatever they can get.

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