It's not all glamorous casserole!!!!

OK so now you know.... we eat a funky cheesy rice and veggie casserole every once and a while.
The main reason to do so is to reinforce the fact I try really hard not to make casseroles!!!! And that I usually can come up with something more exciting. This week has been crazy.... Addison is in full swing, early band practice, just starting up with basketball, and adjusting to her new class schedule. Nikki has been really busy with work and putting in extra time. Carter is fluid, but has been starting up on a cold with a cough. And the topper is our house guest.... Bear the 130 pound Old English Sheepdog who is Nikki's mom's dog!!!!

I made quick cheese sauce(VegNews Streamlined), added to par cooked instant brown rice, topped with a bag of organic frozen mixed veggies, then topped with more cheese sauce!!!
It took about 10 minutes to assemble, 15 minutes in the oven, 10 minutes to eat, then out the door to go to basketball practice. It is a good thing we only live a few minutes from the gym!!!! Addison made it just in time.
I like it when we are busy, but I really do not like it when our dinner is rushed, I think one of our greatest accomplishments as a family is that we eat together every night, and that we make most of our meals. As the next few months unfold you will get a glimpse at some of the redundant, simple meals we eat!!!!
We also had time to throw together salads to go with our casserole. And by the way everyone made a happy plate so it must have tasted OK!!!

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