Zen Zero...Spring Roll Salad

Sorry about the rugged picture, it is a cell phone shot. I had planned to make roasted veggies for dinner, but Gabriel the cat needed to go to the vet. Unfortunately the vet was running behind and after a hour of waiting with the cat and the kids, a vet tech came in to let us know that it might be a good idea to leave Gabriel so he could have his tests and we could get some dinner. The kids were looking pretty hungry so we went home and picked up Nikki, and headed downtown for dinner. Addison got to decide where we going as a treat for doing well on the ACT in December. We went to Zen Zero, an Asian themed, locally owned place.
Zen Zero is the kids' favorite restaurant in town, and we like it too. We order exactly the same thing every time, not because it is the only option, but it really is very good.
Here's what we order, they usually remember that we are vegan:
  • Fried Tofu appetizer
  • Singapore Noodles with tofu no egg
  • 2 -Spring Roll Salads, with tofu no wontons
  • Then Carter has rice noodles, and an order of edamame
Nikki and I share the Singapore Noodles and a Spring Roll Salad we switch plates half way. The Singapore Noodles are fantastically spiced and leave your lips perfectly yellow, the veggies are cooked but still have snap. The Spring Roll Salad is probably one of the best salads I have had at a restaurant(by the way I am a salad and noodle snob!!)
I can still remember bringing Carter here when he was a year old and he would eat a whole order of edamame!!!! His favorite green food!!!
At the conclusion of the meal we got the call that Gabriel was ready at the vet, so we went to pick him up. Dr. Bradley wanted to talk to us about his lab work, the vet tech took us to a waiting room, where she put down a pile of information about diabetes in cats.
Nikki and I both just about went into shock.... our dog Eliot was diabetic, and we had to give him insulin two times a day for 7 years, which was difficult but we loved him so we adjusted. After a bit Dr. Bradley came in to go over the situation, fortunately it sounds like diet change may take care of it. We will keep our fingers crossed!!!!!!

Gabriel the cat watching me through the front window.

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