Salad for lunch, Sandwich for dinner

Last night I made Creamy Tarragon Dressing, it was an experiment that went well!!! So Nikki added it to her lunch salad. She said the dressing tasted better the next day, it did separate, but not much, which is very exciting for me.
This is a pretty typical lunch for her, she is good about eating kale, spinach, romaine, cilantro, or anything else green, with some kind of beans. She also eats leftovers if there are any!!!
She went through a green smoothie phase that was interesting, the shade and intensity of the green was a bit frightening, but they tasted good!!!!! It is amazing that greens run through the vita mix produce shades of green that appear unnatural!!!!
We knew that dinner was going to be rushed because we had an Animal Outreach Kansas Meeting and an eighth grade enrollment meeting. It was sandwich night!!!!

I find it interesting that our kids like Tofurkey, but do not like Phaloney (Phalogna). Addison likes the Follow Your Heart cheese, but Carter will not embrace any faux Cheese. I tried melting Tofutti on bread for him right after we became vegan so he is convinced that all fake cheese is like that.
I am really looking forward to trying the Dr. Cow Cheese at some point, they are nut based and are cultured. They are supposedly working on a swiss cheese.... I am smiling just thinking about it!!!!!!!!
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