Soup and Potatoes, Things that come around go around!!!

I am looking forward to settling into my new job, so that I can get back into my regular shopping, cooking, photographing and blogging!!!! I have been working out of town and trying to prepare for my new job so Nikki has been doing most of the cooking. I have been taking pictures and will post stories soon!!! I have to thank my family for picking up the pieces and making things work during the transition.
The title of this blog reflects the reality that this dinner is from two weeks ago and we had basically the same thing for dinner tonight.
What made this dinner special is the tomato soup that is in the second photo. It is homemade tomato soup made with grape tomatoes. I have never thought of doing this!!! My mother in law came up with this idea because the grape tomatoes are the only good ones in the winter!!!! The soup was completely awesome, THANK YOU PATSIE!!!!
I promise I will get all caught up in the next week!!!! Thanks you for your patients.
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