Mac N Salad N Brussell Sprouts

Well I have like 50 meals photographed that need to be posted. I have been lucky to become very busy lately. I am starting to get my head back above water, which reminded me what a bad blogger I have been!!!
Like you have heard in so many acceptance speeches..... I could not have managed the past couple of months without the wonderful support of my wife, who has achieved super woman status in my opinion, my kids, animal companions, and friends!!!!! We have continued to live a rich and culinarily interesting vegan life!!!! We have on many occasions leaned on simple standards to make it through, some recipes have become even more refined(in simplicity, not in high standard) As an example, Carter was begging(AKA Grinding) for Mac n Cheese, I have been using the Veg News veganize it recipe with a few simple changes, but I did not have any fresh potatoes or canned potatoes. I USED INSTANT MASHED POTATOES!!!! Oh the humanity!!!!!!
DID YOU CATCH THAT CARTER WAS BEGGING FOR MAC N CHEESE.... He has been the model of a skeptic in the faux cheese department, he has come around to the cheese sauce and he likes Follow Your Heart cheese. I bought some Tofutti slices the other day just to see if they still produce the Kryptonite reaction!!!
But as is often the case it turned out very good, in the taste department, not the high quality, freshest-local-organic-nutrient dense kind of way. I will be working to post some of the highlights of the past couple of months while working on some new meals. If anyone has suggestions for meals in the next new months..... please share!!!!

Check out the roasted Brussel sprouts, they were very garlicky and tasty!!!!
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