SPRING HAS ARRIVED!!!! Local Organic Greens

It has finally happened..... Spring has sprung!!!! Our meals will begin to change as we receive our weekly allotment from the Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance. Each week we will go to pick from an assortment of locally grown organic produce. What I love about this set up is that you have to make some choices but you end up getting things that number one you would never see in a grocery store and number two you would probably not pick if they did have it in a grocery store.
I was so excited for the first pick up that I had a hard time focusing at work.
Here' what I got in the first pick up:
  • Baby Lettuce Greens
  • Swiss Chard
  • Red Leaf Lettuce
  • Shitake Mushrooms
  • Sweet Pea Shoots
  • A Big Sweet Potato
  • Chives
After picking up the produce I drove like a vegan maniac home, washed the produce, while dreaming up a salad masterpiece.
The greens were easy, but I needed to use the mushrooms so I rough diced the with chives, and mixed them with garlic, Panko bread crumbs, and olive oil. I took the mixture and placed it between two thin layers of tofu and cooked in the Foreman Grill.
After the tofu cooked, I sliced it and placed it on top of a bed of baby greens and sweet pea shoots. And dressed with Annie's Goddess Dressing.
I have never eaten sweet pea shoots, they were about 5 inches long, tender sweet, and absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! I think that these would be easy to grow in planter, think I will try!

This is my second salad, not as pretty. I chopped shitakes and chives and placed on top. I also added peanuts!!!

Since we had light salads for dinner, Nikki made some chocolate chip cookies!!! Yea for Nikki!!!!!!!

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