Bean Noodle Stir Fry = Love and Devotion

Yes the posts have been short lately. I have been getting caught up on posting meals from the lost month. The lost months of February and March, starting the new job finishing up old projects. Nikki really picked up the slack and made some great meals. There were many nights when she was like a prep cook, she got everything ready and then when I got home I finished things off. It is really awesome that she and I can work together that way. Until becoming vegan we struggled to work together in the kitchen, but the past few years we have really started enjoying cooking together!!!
This was one of the meals that Nikki put together and had ready when I got home from a long day. This is a spicy red curry stir fry with rice noodles. The spice was just right, with a hint of cinnamon. Nikki I love you and all you do for our family THANK YOU!!!!!

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