Vegan Sliders and oven fries! Oh My!!

I love burgers and fries!!!! I had a hard time getting used to Boca, Garden Burgers, and Morningstar Farm patties over the years. Before becoming vegan Nikki would eat them while I had "regular" burgers(of course in retrospect I feel like a $@&! for doing that, but I cannot travel back in time). Although for many years Nikki was vegetarian and I was not, I very rarely cooked any meat at home, I could not get into "earth" burgers, too dry, too bread-like.
After becoming vegan, we ate the traditional Bocas and Morningstars on occasion, but once we discovered Gimme Lean burgers moved back into regular rotation. The Gimme Lean comes in a tube and is easy to handle (although it does gross me out how it feels "meat" like). Once the patties are shaped they are pan fried for about 5 minutes on each side, or until brown. So very easy!!!!
The texture is great, you can finish with soy sauce and a bit of water and they are remarkably juicy!!! I like to load them up with all of the toppings and have the juices dripping off my elbows!!! I did these one slider style with onions, tomato, spinach, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. The rolls were from a local bakery, they had caraway seeds.
The fries were fresh potatoes, tossed in a bit of oil and baked on parchment at 400, til brown.
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