Vegan Lasagna Mac

OK... I try to make things that both look and taste good, unfortunately the photos do not always turn out as nice as the food tasted. I have found that it is universally difficult to photograph tomato sauce, and well the veggie crumbles are tricky too!!!
This was a simple dish for a busy evening. Martha Gooch big macaroni elbows(kids totally love those), Ragu Garden Veggie sauce, Boca Veggie Crumbles, fresh thyme, fresh oregano, extra extra virgin olive oil, and extra fresh garlic. We topped with Vegan Parmesan. We also had a nice big salad, and we would have had crusty bread but I did not have any!!
I love lasagna but it is kind of a hassle to put all of the ingredients together in advance and wait for it to cook, this dish basically achieves the same goal in one step. This is also a very inexpensive(about $10 for 6 servings), tasty and quick vegan meal. It takes about 20 minutes from opening the pantry to putting it on the table!!!


iRaw said...

Oh, this looks sooo good!

Mary said...

Yum, that does look like a quick and tasty weeknight meal.

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