Broccoli and It's all Good!!!

It's All Good is a new type vegetable based Chick'n that comes from Canada. It is similar to Morningstar Farms Chic'n strips. They are both made from Gardien, which is a patented vegetable protein product. The chic'c was pretty good, but was a bit on the squeaky side. This was pretty basic stir fry and the "it's all good" stood up to the heat well.
I have heard that there "beef" style is better than "chic'n", so we will try that soon.
It's All Good is pretty expensive, so I do not see us using it often. I have to be honest that I do not like the name, it's all silly!!!
The stir fry had broccoli, a frozen organic stir fry mix(not the best), carrot and It's All Good.
We tried the No Beef skewers the other night and they were so good that I was not able to get a picture for this post. I cooked the No Beef skewers on the grill and really handled the heat well and were very well seasoned. I highly recommend It's All Good, it's worth the price!!!!
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