CSA Salad

Wow this was a great salad, all fresh, all local, all good!!!
It is starting to feel a bit like summer in Kansas, warm and muggy. This is a nice change from the extended cold rainy spring we have had.
Every Monday I will be picking up our produce from the Rolling Prairie group, a farm collective that provides weekly distribution of the freshest picked that day produce. I like the variety of things that we get. Much of the produce is things that you would not find in the average grocery store, or in fact any store!!!! It is fun to bring it home and figure out what to do with it.
This week I received pea shoots, baby greens, sorel, chives, asparagus, leaf lettuce, shittake mushrooms, and radishes. I made a quick dressing with Extra Virgin olive oil, garlic, white vinegar and salt and pepper. All of the veggies are so flavorful on their own that the dressing really needs to be basic not to smother the other flavors. Soon we will start getting veggies that will be cooked, I will keep you posted!!!!
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