Addison's Vegan Spring Rolls

Snow Day....what to do?
Well Addison(my 13 year old daughter) decided to take on a project and make spring rolls. This was a good lesson for her... sometimes things that seem simple take a long time to make.
She has made spring rolls a couple of times before, but has had dad as a back up to help expedite things a bit. She worked on these all day, she prepared all of the fillings, baked tofu which took a couple of hours, rice noodles, carrots, lettuce. Then she assembled the spring rolls, which is fairly simple, but it takes time.
She then made peanut sauce from 'Vegan Comfort Food". She made a big plate of the spring rolls and I made some instant brown rice and teriyaki peas to fill our plates.
She really did a nice job on the spring rolls, and she did a great job cleaning up the kitchen and putting stuff away.
Thank you Addison!!!

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Jennifer said...

The spring rolls look spectacular, Addison!! What a delicious meal.

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