OH Yeah Vegan Chocolate Mousse!!!

Generally speaking a label that says "non-dairy" is a big F'n lie!!!  This is one of the many reasons you might find me cursing in the grocery store on any given Saturday.  Non-Dairy items often contain casein which is derived from milk.  Casein is found in many foods and is one that I am constantly on the look out for.

I found Coffee Rich a while ago in the local store and after contacting the company, verified that it is indeed "Non-Dairy", (click here for my Coffee Rich discovery post). I also suggested that if their products were indeed dairy free that they should add vegan to the description in their marketing materials, which they have since done!!!

Back in my restaurant days I can remember seeing the whipped topping that came from the freezer, and was non-dairy, but I did not piece together that it was the same company that makes Coffee Rich.  A couple of weeks ago I was at a wholesale restaurant supply place and I saw the Rich's Whip Topping in the freezer case!!!!!   Needless to say I left skid marks when stopping to investigate.
There it was, frozen, vegan, and in a container that was reasonable for family size, they do make smaller containers, but I have never seen them.
As soon as the product thawed as recommended, I whipped up a batch.  It did just that it whipped up like a dream, or like cool whip, or real cream.  Now I am not saying that the product is good for you, but it is not bad for your conscience.  We ate the first tub with graham crackers.... the stuff did not stand a chance!!!
For this version I whipped the cream and added unsweetened cocoa, cinnamon sugar, and served with graham crackers.  WOW it was great.... I am really looking forward to fresh berry season, short cake anyone?


Squeak said...

I love your posts...we have Rich's here, but only in the cans. When I first discovered it, I'd need to buy an extra can just for the car ride home. Congratulations on getting the "vegan" label added.:-)

Chris said...

Great discovery! Can't wait to look for the vegan label next time I'm in the store.

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