Quick lunch tacos and a cat nap!!!

Gabriel the solar powered cat!!!
I am not a big lunch guy...  in fact it is fairly rare for me to eat lunch.  I generally will have a simple snack like, some crackers, a piece of fruit, a glass of water, or bypass all of that and have a snack while making dinner.  When I do eat lunch it makes me very sleepy in the afternoon and I cannot get much accomplished.
When I have evening events I do have to have something to eat in the afternoon.
Keeping it simple, Tomato - Spinach - AvocadoAdd caption
This was one of those days...  I jetted home and determined that the perfect compromise was to make some quick - simple tacos.  These are just baby spinach, organic roma tomatoes, avocado (they were great this winter!), salt, and chili sauce.
After eating these I packed up a salad to take back to work with me so I had something to eat later!!!!

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