Chipotle Night, too lazy to cook

Some days are too hectic and crazy to contemplate cooking dinner, today was one of those days.
I have been been a fan of Chipotle ever since they opened their first store on Colorado BLVD. by University Hospital in Denver. They were one of the first BIG burrito providers and in my opinion they are the best. Yes I know that they serve those things which should not be mentioned on a vegan blog, but they are very accommodating.
We usually get the fajita burrito, black beans, guacamole, mild and medium salsas, no cheese, no sour cream. We add the Toffuti sour cream and vegan cheese when we get home. A couple of Coronas and some chips and salsa, and we were more than sufficiently fed.
Addison likes the crunchy black bean tacos, Carter likes a side of rice and black beans and a couple tortillas. He likes to make his own tacos!!!! He ate two big ones tonight!!!
Part of my goal with this blog is to show that it is fairly easy to find veganized food at mainstream restaurants, it always helps when they make it in front of you!!!! I have found that most restaurant people are willing to work with you if you take the time to explain and smile alot!!!!

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