Addison makes a little lunch!!

I know it is a simple lunch, but Addison made it for herself and Carter. It is amazing to me how in tune with veganism Addison is. She knows all of things to look for on food labels. When we first made the SHIFT she was my helper in reading all of the labels at the store.
She makes lunches to take to school, although she did more of that last year. She likes to take soup or a sandwich. She also has to deal with some teasing from other kids in junior high once in a while, but she is tough and is able to explain the reasons for our choice!!!
Carter is in kindergarten, which is half day so he does not eat at public school yet; we will cross that bridge next year. He has been going to a Montessori preschool for the past few years and believe it or not, the woman who runs the school is vegan!!! She does an awesome job of making lunches for him, and has been such an incredible influence on Carter. We are also lucky that the public school that Carter is going to is very supportive--his kindergarten teacher has been very aware of his veganism and goes out of her way to accommodate.
I find both Addison and Carter an inspiration because of their understanding of the reasons for being vegan as well as being advocates for something they believe in!!!! I am so proud of them and wish that I would have been so enlightened when I was their age.

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