Lasagna Mac.......

Yes we are doing the basics these days. We all like lasagna so we decided to do macaroni noodles with jarred pasta sauce and vegan crumbles, Morningstar Farms. I always add extra garlic, onion, a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, and oregano.
This seemed like it would be a hit with the kids, but they were not impressed so I tossed a couple of Boca Chic'n patties in the toaster oven so the kids could have a sandwich too! The plate pictured on the left is my daughters, she really likes pickles and Follow your Heart cheese. Her brother has yet to embrace any type of condiment, not even ketchup. Kids are kind of freaky!!!

Below is what Nikki and I had, a nice helping of Lasagna Mac topped with vegan Parmesan, and steamed broccoli. We also had a nice glass of red wine.
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Virginia said...

oooh that mac looks so good!

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