Happy Seitan and Broccoli!!!!!

This is a meal from the "LOST" month. I do not believe that I cooked this. I think that my sweet Nikki angel made this one night while I was working late, but I could have made it?!?!?!? See what happens when you do not keep on top of your blog.
I do remember this dinner, sugar snap peas, broccoli, onions, Morningstar Farm Seitan Strips with a no beef base sauce.
This is one of those classic meals that is pretty easy to make and is enjoyed by all segments of the family.
Noodles are a winter time item, I do not really like to boil water in the summer, it's too hot and humid in Kansas for that. We will be moving towards more rice and fresh greens, tacos, salads, and sandwiches. We will also be laying off the chili and baked potatoes soon. As spring progresses into summer, I will yearn for the tomatoes and then we will have about six weeks of tomato based gluttony I cannot wait!!!! We have had a wet and mild spring, I hope that bodes well for apples, peaches and cherries. I am drooling on the keyboard, must stop thinking about summer!!!!
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