Spring Rolls, thanks Addison!!!!!!!

Addison likes to cook, but I usually hog the kitchen. She has been wanting to make Spring Rolls so she went the store with me and got all of the ingredients.
I helped by doing some of the prep work for her, and cooking the tofu. She did all of the assembly work.
Here is what you need:
Spring roll wrappers
Bean Sprouts
Bean thread noodles
Baked tofu(cut 1/4 inch thick, brush with oil, garlic powder, soy sauce - bake for 15 min at 400 degrees) when cool cut into strips.

Addison piled all of the ingredients in the center and rolled, she is very good at this and the end product looked very professional.
She is very talented and I really need to let her do more. Look how organized her work area is!!!

Nice afternoon light in the kitchen

One down 15 more to go!!!


Peanut and Red Chili Dipping Sauce

The Clean Up Crew!!!!

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